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This Is First Call Hospitality, Inc. – A Smarter Way To Manage Hotels


First Call Hospitality, Inc. (FCH) specializes in property management and development in the United States.


We have managed and developed hotel brands that include Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn & Suites, Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, Hampton Inn & Suites, Hilton Garden Inn’s, Radisson Hotels and Country Inn & Suites.


FCH has a proven track record in profitability and franchise achievements. Franchise relations have proven to be key in maintaining product and service goals; ultimately achieving profitable expectations.


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What We Offer

First Call Hospitality, Inc. is a third-party hotel management company based in Fargo, ND that provides full service and focused service hotel management services;

We specialize in driving revenues, profitability and asset value through proven strategies and accountability.

FCH is a nimble, forward thinking and experienced hospitality management company looking to grow across North America.


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Management Services


Hotel Management / Operations

FCH has the belief that success for the hotel comes from each operating department performing at their highest level.


This is achieved through support from our executives who take a hands-on approach and utilize the individual brand standards and financial reports to ensure the properties are maximizing revenue and minimizing expenses in every aspect.


  • •  A Regional Director of Operations is assigned to each property and schedules, at minimum quarterly visits. Visits are based on performance and occur more frequently if needed. Typical property visits consist of a thorough property inspection, financial review and review of all brand and FCH policies. A property visit recap is completed and available for owners and other FCH colleagues to view at the end of each visit.


  • •  On a regular basis the Regional Director of Operations will contact each of their respective hotels to discuss financials, provide additional training and to gain more information about how the hotel is performing.


  • •  FCH also provides to our properties : Dedicated IT, Centralized Purchasing, Equipment and Facility Maintenance support, Daily and full accounting support with centralized invoice processing, payroll services, budgeting, and

production of detailed financial reports.

Sales & Marketing / E-Commerce

FCH has created a Sales Focused Culture whereby we strive to promote a proactive sales approach in all our markets.


It is a culture based on continuous development and training of our managers, celebration of successes and accountability towards goals.


  • •  Additionally, FCH has developed an ongoing sales Prospecting Program focused on proactive sales and winning new business. Initial train ing videos are completed with follow up training conducted by the VP of Sales & Marketing for every new hire. Each sales manager has assigned goals and is required to submit monthly reports of calls made and revenues booked.


  • •  FCH employs an ECommerce/New Media Manager who maintains all ecommerce opportunities and marketing media across the portfolio not facilitated by the franchise brands. This includes Search Engine Optimization of vanity websites and mobile applications besides other sales and marketing opportunities available. The Manager works closely with the RSS to ensure the goals are met of the Sales & Marketing plans and provides monthly reporting to determine ROI on marketing dollars spent.


FCH prepares asset, liability, and capital account entries by compiling and analyzing account information. Documents financial transactions by entering account information. FCH will recommend financial actions by analyzing accounting options.

Brand Engagement

We take a very proactive approach with the franchisor by attending brand property visits at least once per year, regionameetings and conference calls besides the annual Owner/Management Convention. We also serve on the brand committees and have participated in several test pilots and programs which have the potential to increase the overall return on investment.


With all franchisors we take advantage of the tools, programs, and services available through the contracted franchise and marketing fees. In some cases we have also engaged brand revenue management services and sales tasks force assistance if rebranding or an ownership transition has occurred.


We have found positive franchise relations have proven to be key in maintaining product and service goals; ultimately achieving profitable expectations.

Due Diligence

Due diligence can be the most important part of deciding to invest in any property. FCH has a track record of uncovering the information needed to make the right decisions.


• Market Research is conducted prior to an initial offer by examination of the provided Offer Memorandum, initial STR Reports, and other Financials. Additional research is conducted through examination of the local Department of Economic Development, STR Trend reports as well as industry periodicals.


After an initial offer is given, an on-site visit is conducted by the VP of Sales & Marketing as well as a RegionaDirector of Operations. During this visit a Competitive Set Analysis is conducted as well as a additional market research and report analyzation . Additionally, a thorough property walk through is conducted to uncover any asset limitations. Finally, meetings with the current owner and/or General Manager occur to discuss financials and other important areas.


Proforma Creation is available to determine next steps in the due diligence process. Current hotel information, local competitive market analysis and hotel industry data is utilized in creating realistic proformas.

Renovation / Development

FCH is integral in planning, organizing, and managing the resources necessary to bring about the successful completion of a project.


Upon being awarded a project, FCH will assign a dedicated Project Manager. This individual is responsible for the overall success of a project by managing the goals and objectives, while honoring the project requirements set forth by the client. The project manager’s priority is to see that we are working gently without disrupting the comfort of your guests, ensuring continuity of your business.






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